A brief history of elevator and business in the Republic of Poland.

przez | 9 lipca 2021
We have many brilliant things which were made in XIX and XX century such as electricity, computers, the Internet site and all of the equipment connected with constructions. Let’s look at one of those things – elevators.

A lift is a ordinary equipment which moves people or goods between floors. In new construction places we have a tendency to construct very high buildings, so lifting equipment is indispensable. The first histories about devices which had been used to transport people in these way are


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connected with ancient Greeks, however the maighty elevators.

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Now just like in in the past elevators are used to transport human beings and goods, specially the huge ones, the same as with metal works Poland (for example in Gdańsk’s shipyards) has a great number of cranes and different lifting equipment. Cranes in shipyard in Gdańsk not just are the important method of transport, but they are as well a significant part of polish history, so when we speak about metal works Poland is associated with business and simultaneously with sad, however heroic history. It is a good idea to see the job (see after going to the site) Solidarity Centre and learn more about these case.

Apart from that Poland is known as a provider of a highly quality metal and lifting equipment, so this is a great place for starting up a profitable business and without a question a part of Europe with big perspectives for little and powerful organisations.

An elevator isn’t the greatest invention in the history, however it is very important. It will be great thing to see what kind of devices will appeared in the next decade, especially in the construction area.