Different types of physical activities in the big towns – ideas and hints

przez | 9 lipca 2021
Today our cities are more and more polluted, nevertheless surprisingly there are human bings who want to reverse this disaster. Many of them use bicycles for the city movement.

There are many models of bikes; for travelling in the metropoly the most wide-spread is a ordinary city bicycle which takes us from one place to another, however there are more personalised bicycles. That depends on what purpose we want to use a bike is it for movement, activity or sport (or even extreme sport). Custom single speed bikes are more advisable for long distant activity and for the town we have got city bicycles (mens city bike and city bicycle for women – they are not the same in construction which correspond with the human figure). Mens city bike is more dynamic (men are statistically stronger than women and the female model is more comfortable (it allows to travel with your dorsum place more straight than in mens city bike). In custom single speed bikes these matters are smaller, however obsevable. When we need to buy a solid bike we should ask for advice someone who ride a lot or a bicycle expert – www.

trik na rowerze górskim

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Nowadays a solid bike is a very expensive thing, so it is reasonable to discuss this problem with more experienced person. If we don’t have got a appropriate place to keep our bike we can rent one. In many towns there are bicycles for rent, you may ride on it as long as you want and then pay for it (naturally you need to register first in the special base). If you don’t like bikes you can go on foot or begin to do nordic walking, it is a way of walking with 2 sticks, that sort of exercise is not very expensive and you don’t need to be be in a good form to start doing it. It is a fantastic sport for all kinds of people with illnesses of the backbone, however it is worth to know that in this sort of sport we should put sticks in the appropriate position to havr got a proper posture while this activity. It is advisable to take a few lessons before we started to do this sport.

Every form of physical activity is wonderful thing for our shape. It is an outstansding thing to do some outdoor sport, meet with the other people with whom we may share our passions and just be happy.