The most significant purposes of the medicine packaging

przez | 9 lipca 2021
The most relevant question for the patient is that the drug packaging is informational and safe. Thus, there is a list of guidance that should be met by the company if it wants to introduce a new pharmaceutical on the market.

What is the most relevant issue for the firm? Obviously, to make the packaging of the drug as appealing as conceivable for the patient.

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Safety and fine quality of tablet packing are two features that must be kept in mind by the manufacturer if he desires to gain the patient’s confidence. The packaging should protect against external factors, potentially modifying the medicine’s properties (for example sunlight or high temperature). What is more, it has to defend against mechanical damage and biological contamination. Most importantly, however, it should permit suitable drug identification. Thus, the packaging must include the name of the commonly applied active substance contained in the given medicinal product. If more of them is employed, all are supposed to be named and a plus symbol should be located between them. The package must as well include info on whether the drug is meant for infants, children or grown-ups. The manner of dosage, the warnings concerning the place and method of storage, the expiry date, name and address of the manufacturer responsible, the marketing permission number, batch number and guidance for use must also be provided if the medicinal product is sold without a prescription. There are as well special guidelines for packaging graphic layouts.

Placing pictures such as chocolate, toys or balloons on them is rigorously prohibited. This may result in a customer being mistaken and considering the drug as for instance food.