Computer development in todays world – intelligent robots and equipment – opportunities and dangers.

przez | 6 października 2021
Since movies such as AI or Blade Runner a lot of people have started thinking about robots and AI. When The Matrix with Keanu Reaves has been shown on cinema and TV screens the spectators realized how forceful their creations could be. As every development robots and personal computers may bring some possibilities and bad sides for people.

In these days scientists still working on robots and artificial intelligence, therefore android development is not something unrealistic it is happening at present, check – the best android development. Day by day we have got faster devices, forceful personal computers and smaller communication devices in Japan circumstance in which robot helps user in his life is something common. In the next decades we will have not only devices with human appearance, however also machines which will read our feelings and have got ability to learn or even have consciousness, android development i

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s unstoppable thing. The question is are we as a human beings are prepared for this revolution? The answer will be the most important thing for our future. There are some premises that man will transform to some sort of android, who knows what is going to happen when we connect our flesh to robots. Nowadays we have got strong development prosthesis, which are united with our bodies and brain and supports us with everyday life. Mobile applications helps paralyzed people changing speech to writing or move cursor on computer screen and that is only a start of the developing way. Personal computer and android development has got its good sides and disadvantages the future will give as a simple answer which of them will have got bigger influence on people and their creations.

Mighty computer may be very useful in the nearest future, but they may be also harmful.

We have to be aware of that.
AI, ontelligent mobiles, IT-progress all of these excellent things are available today or will be available in the nearest future. A part of humanity reject part of all of these devices, nevertheless whatever we do we can’t discontinue IT and machine development it is now a part of our reality.